A 1970s utopian project to give a socialist state a democratic electronic backbone is reconstructed in The Counterculture Room. The socialist government of Salvador Allende imagined giving the state a cybernetic spine, enabling ministers to view economic information in real time and make informed decisions from a futuristic hub that resembles a set from Kubrick's 2001. This project was called 'Cybersyn' and it was a precursor to today's 'smart city'. Chile's installation — curated by Andrés Briceño Gutierrez and Tomás Vivanco Larraín, and designed by FabLab Santiago — tells the story of the Cybersyn experience.

This installation was designed and created by FabLab Santiago. It was curated by Andres Briceño Gutierrez, Tomas Vivanco Larraín, and supported by Fundación Imagen de Chile; Dirección de Asuntos Culturales del Ministerio de RREE (DIRAC).