Utopian Landscape, a digital recreation of a marble quarry at Dionysus, is potentground for an investigation into heritage, trade and population movement. For on·entropy, marble and light serve as useful metaphors for the shifting social and cultural patterns caused by migration, and for the paradoxes, continuities and disruptions of utopia. Marble idols, made in the Cyclades islands 5,000 years ago, were widely distributed across the Aegean Sea, providing evidence of early trade and travels. The Greek team reference the current flows and transitions of people, contextualised against a long history of population movement through Greece - a geographic bridge between east and west.

This installation was designed and created by Niki and Zoe Moskofoglou of on • entropy; Eleftheria Deko, Domnika Gregoriades (Design); Daphne Stylianou, Zoe Moskofoglou (Research); Production: Vassilis Sfakianopoulos (Director), dtmh (Video), Giorgos Malekakis (Photography), Nikos Eleftheras (Music). It was curated by on • entropy , and supported by NEON; Upstream; Nopera; Dionysos Marble; Foundation of the Hellenic World; Martinos Art and Antiques.