With two socially focused projects, Israel's Human.Touch shows how design can address social needs and impact positively on society. Yaniv Kadosh's AIDrop is a first-aid distribution system that employs self-rotating units to drop 3kg cartons of supplies over disaster zones, serving wide and potentially remote places until further essentials can be delivered by road. Sharona Merlin's Louder is a pair of speakers for the deaf and hard of hearing that translates sounds into visual textures and floor vibrations that can be felt through the feet. Israel's exhibition looks to design as a strategic tool to help resolve the complex challenges of our economy and society.

This installation was designed and created by Yaniv Kadosh, Sharona Merlin. It was curated by Tami Warshavski, Hila Shaltieli , and supported by Embassy of the State of Israel to the United Kingdom;Stylus Media Group; Adelis Foundation; Estate of Clemens Nathan; EL AL.