In Pulse Diagram, architect Chacha Atallah, working in collaboration with artist Haythem Zakaria, reflects on the fragile foundations of so-called utopias. It is composed of 54 pylons, which refer to the 54 cities in More's Utopia, linked to each other by charred beams, created using an ancient Japanese technique that scorches the wood to extend its lifespan. In the early 1960s, the architect Yona Friedman proposed a 'mobile city', a series of moveable and floating megastructures, suspended on a grid of stilts so that they left a minimal footprint. With its burned wood supports, the Tunisian installation both celebrates Friedman's 'feasible utopia', and points to its fragile foundations.

This installation was designed and created by Chacha Atallah, Haythem Zakaria. It was curated by Bertrand Sigwalt, and supported by SLOW Maison d’edition; British Council Tunisia.