Circular forms, traditional textiles and ancient mythology weave together a sense of modern India in Chakraview. “India’s utopias articulate the intersections between ancient myth and modern design,” says curator Rajshree Pathy. “Like the seven chakras, our visions of utopia are simultaneously spiritual and progressive.” Pathy wanted mythology to work in dialogue with contemporary design developments; with leading scenographer Sumant Jayakrishnan, she explored the continuities between India's past and future, myth and reality. “Like More’s Utopia,” Pathy explains, “our installation is a narrative of India's diverse religious, social and political journeys and a constantly metamorphosing churn of all the above.”

This installation was designed and created by Sumant Jayakrishnan. It was curated by Rajshree Pathy (Founder, IDF), and supported by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt of India; Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion - DIPP; Confederation of Indian Industry - CII; Aditya Birla Group.